About Us

About Us

Caveman Gear is a supplier of superior South African animal hides, curios, mounts and custom hand-crafted knives.


At present, we export to an enthusiastic Australian market. However, expansion is planned into the global market, where retailers, collectors, interior designers and the general public have been expressing great interest in our unique animal hides from the African continent, and in our superior quality knives, fashioned to order by master knife makers.


As a company dedicated to offering quality products, we are proud to present truly African animal hides that are carefully sourced and selected for their unique qualities. Each hide and horn is as different as a fingerprint, as no two animals display the same physical hide patterns, or have the same shape and configuration of horns.


Our products are therefore prized collector’s items.


The popular mounts are aesthetically displayed, with various distinctive designs ensuring they are equally attractive on the wall, on plinths or as a conversation piece on the dining table. 


Our hides, curios and mounts are CITES-approved and carry all the necessary stringent legal documentation.


Caveman Gear wants their clients to have the pleasure of owning a very special part of Africa for many years, and each product carries a full set of instructions on the correct use, care and cleaning.


Caveman Gear (Pty) Ltd

ABN: 68 614 281 391